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  1. Hello I have been smoking e cigs for about 3 years now , and I tried just about every type there is and reasently I tried eon smoke and now it is my favorite e- cig. I love the convenience of buying them , and love the taste and easy setup. Not to mention the price. You can’t go wrong !

  2. I have tried e cigs about a year ago and just re started.

    I live in Australia where you cannot buy nicotine for e cigs but you can buy it from overseas quite legally?

    Whilst in USA in June 2012 I purchased an Eonsmoke starter kit from a shop in LongBeach CA,I have since purchased about 11 packs of catomizers and 3 batteries online.

    I have to say the eonsmoke is the best e cig I have tried and have now kicked a 50 per day analog habit! Well no analogs for 6 weeks which from a heavy smoker perspective it means I have quit.

  3. I’ve tried various e cigarette brands in the past couple of years but eonsmoke is by far my favorite. the vapor quantity and quality is very good, and I especially enjoy the taste of the menthol cartridges. I especially appreciate the fact that there is a vendor in my city and actually only placed my first online order today despite having been using eonsmoke for about 1 year. My only have a couple concerns and am wondering if others have had my experience or if i am incorrectly using my batteries. I misplaced a fully charged battery once and upon finding it one week later i tried vaping only to find out it was dead. I concluded that the charge had dissipated during the lost time; however, when i tried to charge it the light at the tip did not light and even after charging it for about 6 hours it would not work. The battery was only about 2 weeks old and hasn’t worked since. Another issue i have encountered is regarding the cartridges. I have purchased packages that contain a dud cartridge that is almost empty even when new (directly out of the plastic).This has only happened twice but its quite irritating when it does . Any advice?

  4. I have only been smoking eon smoke ciggarettes for 2 weeks now after trying several different brands and I already convinced 6 of my friends to buy them.

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  6. Still not a single smoke and well over 2 month now! Trouble is I am buying up big time because it all seems to good to be true and I dont want to be caught without my favourite flavour.

  7. I have been Smoking eon cigs 4 a lil while now and the only thing i’m unhappy with is that i sometimes feel as if i’m being ripped off. the refills in my option dont always last as long as they should or advertized. does anyone else feel like their having the same problem?

    • Hi, each cartridge is supposed to last about 250-300 puffs. If you are an avid smoker and you feel as if a few cartridges are not going the distance… Make sure to contact us via email to see how you can send some of those carts for replacements.

      Eonsmoke Team.

    • I do find the cartridges to be inconsistent also. Had a couple of boxes that contained unfilled cartridges in one order, but Eonsmoke replaced them, no questions asked.

  8. Hello All,
    I haven’t had a cigarette for over 4 months, after smoking for 40 years straight. No way I coulld do it without ecigs. Found Eonsmoke to have the best menthol for me. Ordering online is convienient and easy.

  9. Hi, I just starting smoking ecigs this week. I tried my daughter-in-law’s and did not like it. I have been trying to stop smoking for a long time and tried just about everything. I saw eonsmoke in a local store and decided to give them a try. The taste is so much better and I actually feel like I am smoking a real cigarette. I am a pack a day menthol smoker and so far, I still have the same pack from three days ago. I just placed an order to get a kit and a car charger. Looking for to trying the other flavors.

  10. How long is the short and ling battery? I ordered a kit and it came with a short battery and i ordered a second battery short as well but its longer then the one tht came in the kit?

  11. I have been smoking regular cigarettes since my senior year of high school (I am 33 now). I have tried many methods in order to quit, including gums, patches and even medication prescribed by my doctor…all of them unable to help me quit. This last year for Christmas, my best friend bought me my first e-cig in hopes it would help me quit. As of December 25, 2012 I haven’t so much as touched a traditional cigarette! I know that e-cig companies can’t market there products as “smoking cessation devices”, but I believe the FDA needs to wake up and realize the beneficial effects of these products (and yes I signed the petition online). My doctor told me she has seen a vast improvement in my health since I’ve stopped smoking traditional cigarettes and I’m sure there are others out there who have had the same experiences as well. The FDA is fighting to regulate this new industry simply to gain from it’s profits. But they need to realize that while these e-cigs contain Nicotine, they also hold powerful promise to help lifetime smokers quit and get away from the 400+ other carcinogens found in traditional cigarettes, that are creating the real hazards to anyone who smokes them. Eonsmoke…..Your company ROCKS!!!

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