Why use Eonsmoke Products over traditional tobacco cigarettes?


Eonsmoke electronic cigarettes are popular precisely because we have so many benefits to smokers over the leading tobacco brands. First and foremost, Eonsmoke products are smoke free and you will never experience the stench that you would if you smoke a traditional cigarette. The people around you will notice when you no longer bother them with tobacco odors. You can often burn yourself or leave unpleasant yellow marks on your fingers smoking regular tobacco. With Eonsmoke electronic cigarettes there is no ash, no flame, and no burns guaranteed. Buy your first Eonsmoke product today and experience the rush! Most importantly Eonsmoke is a friend to your wallet.


Traditional packs of cigarettes can cost anywhere from 10-14 dollars each while each Eonsmoke cartridge which is equivalent to 20 to 30 cigarettes costs simply 3 dollars! Using Eonsmoke electronic cigarettes will reduce your smoking spending expenses by over 75%. Eonsmoke electronic cigarettes provide you with a premium smoking experience without the harmful additives often found in tobacco cigarettes. No foul odors or stench that forces the people around you to leave. No cigarette butts or ash to dispose of when you’re done smoking. Finally no carcinogens those are so harmful to the lungs because our product is made mostly of water, nicotine, flavoring and propylene glycol. Purchase the original Eonsmoke Electronic Cigarette set today and begin the smoking revolution!


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