Eonsmoke is Not Just E-cigarettes Anymore

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Since the rise and decline in the interest of the Cigalike ecig model. The Eonsmoke co founders have branched out, outside of e-cigarettes and vapes. Continuously searching on the next big products to introduce into the world. “Eonsmoke has a great following and we love its customers, and will continue to keep them happy” said Michael Tolmach co founder of Eonsmoke. The FDA ruling that may take effect anywhere between 2017-2020 and as it sits, it looks like they only want brands owned by big tobacco to survive. Since the fate of Eonsmoke will essentially be in the hands of the FDA, the company begun to expand outside into other tech projects.

What other projects are you involved in?

hoverboard scooter smart balance white 6 inch

Eonsmoke Co-Founders started a project called Glidecraft. Destined to continue to help bring new technology to market, hoverboards just seemed natural. Glidecraft specializes in bringing safe hoverboards to market for an affordable price. Entering the hover board market around December of 2015, we are now one of the market leaders in the smart balance scooter industry and plan to grow with it. We hope to see a large spike this 4th quarter as well. Since hoverboards are not consumables the are not as steady as ecigs year round but closer to Christmas time sales usually increase significantly.

Anything else we should know about?

Glidekicks light up led shoes sneakers

The Eonsmoke Co-Founders also started another project called Glidekicks led shoes. The new shoes that double as electronics. They have lights built in but are powered with lithium ion batteries just like your vapes. They are meant for young ones, but they also illuminate your path at night for adults. Similar to the La Gear shoes in ’92 but the new Glidekicks light up shoes stay on as long as the battery is charged. In July of 2016 we introduced these light up shoes to kiosk around the United States and they seem to be making a comeback.

What are your plans for the future and do you guys have any other projects in store for us?

eonsmoke ecigarette ecig team

At the moment Eonsmoke and its team is watching the industries and are considering all industries tech or not. We look for any industry that is viable even if its outside of our comfort zone. As Eonsmoke probably will never have a pathway to compete with big tobacco we strive to bring a product to market which will be a #1 product in the industry not only among just our consumers.

If you are an avid lover of Eonsmoke products please check out our additional companies mentioned above! Happy vaping!