Can’t Find a Brand Compatible with Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarettes? Try Eonsmoke

Eonsmoke electronic cigarettes are offering to swap your blu cigs rechargeable kits! Eonsmoke is confident that we are becoming such a market leader, we’re extending the opportunity to any customers of to ship us their blu e cig kits for an Eonsmoke electric cigarette.

Just simply ship your kit back to our headquarters location with a note stating you’re tired of your blu cigs e cigarette and you want an Eonsmoke. We’ll ship you out an economy pack as soon as we receive your package. Of course we carry 14 flavors currently with another one due to be released in several weeks. Stay tuned!

Eonsmoke smokeless cigarettes offer 14 flavors with an assortment of colors in batteries and accessories for a well defined ecosystem of preference. We offer much more options than Blu Cigs and we don’t want you to take our word for it; We want you to try our product yourself and rate it.

HQ: Eonsmoke, LLC Returns/Exchange Program  29 Westervelt Pl Garfield, NJ 07026 813 667 6653

Is It Normal Poll about the Best E Cig Brand in New York City

We stumbled upon this poll that we didn’t even realize we won! Check out and vote below for the best electronic cigarette brand in New York City! Eonsmoke certainly appreciates the title since we have strong relationships with many of the retailers in the wonderful state of New York.

We appreciate the spirit of competition with Blu Cigs and Logic E Cigs and hats out to them to helping establish a thriving american electronic cigarette industry. We’re honored to compete and sometimes even win best electronic cigarette brand awards.