The Eonsmoke Electric Cigarettes Business Man Mascot


Eonsmoke has come a way into the electronic cigarettes business without movie stars or crazy promotions. We haven’t had a mascot or any kind of celebrity endorser. We’ve been working incredibly hard behind the scenes to bring you an e cigarette experience that’s unparalleled, one that doesn’t require the veil being pulled over our customers.

We’ve been putting our nose down and tackling all forms of distribution in our business from the local deli and convenience store to the mall kiosks. Slowly but surely we’ve dominated some counter space in a few states. We know our weaknesses and we’re working rapidly to make sure they are strengths in a years time. You’re going to see massive improvements out of Eonsmoke in the next several months.

We’re going to tackle everything from higher margins to Eonsmoke electric cigarette distributors and affiliates, to a more robust and expansive product line, and we’re going to improve our marketing too. If you’re a customer of our smokeless cigarettes, you’re going to love our new flavors and battery assortments that are to come. We look forward to an incredible end of 2012 and the magnificent beginning of 2013 which undoubtedly will be our most noisy time yet.

P.S.- We see that our corrugated POP sign is smaller and it’s really upsetting us. Fear not however, our creative team is hard at work and you know you’ll be seeing a much bigger sign soon to compete with big tobacco!