Eonsmoke Electronic Cigarettes Now Accept American Express

Eonsmoke now accepts American Express credit cards through our website for all customers and also for our wholesalers and distributors.

Several years ago when we began Eonsmoke; electronic cigarettes were obscure products rarely found in any store. We know it took a while for us to accept AMEX card and it has been a struggle. As such most credit card processors didn’t want to transact with e cigarette brands due to increased perceived high risk. As we have become main stream as a brand but also as a product; new financial avenues are becoming presented to help grow our business.

We look forward to a lasting relationship with American Express and hope our customers appreciate that we will always look for different ways to increase our customer satisfaction. Even if it is just another method to pay. Remember, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and now proudly add AMEX to our accepted payments.  Eonsmoke Electronic Cigarettes Now Accept American Express