The Brand New Eonsmoke Infinity Vaporizer

We at Eonsmoke are incredible ecstatic to introduce our next generation upgraded Vaporizer Pen the Infinity Kit. The Infinity kit now available for purchase! It features an extended battery, a longer more durable tank, and a sleek new style! Only $29.99 online. The Infinity battery holds 40% more charge than the 650mah counterpart. Certainly the most desirable vaporizer pen you’ll find on the market which also includes our 1 year warranty on any broken tanks or batteries! A warranty you’ll love and enjoy if you’re an avid fan of vaping.

Get the Infinity pen today for an upgraded vaping experience! We guarantee it!

Vaporizer Evod E-Liquid VapesMod E-Liquid VaporizerInfinity Pen

***Not compatible with the Eternity Tanks!

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