Eonsmoke Electronic Cigarettes TV Commercial and Corporate Demo

Check out the new Eonsmoke Corporate Demo produced by In Focus with Martin Sheen.

Pleasure working with you guys! Click the link below to view the video on Youtube

Electronic Cigarettes Corporate Demo

And now check out our brand new 1 minute TV commercial airing in September nationally. Eonsmoke is coming to a local store near you!

Electronic Cigarettes by Eonsmoke TV Commercial

M&M Bagels in Staten Island New York Supports Eonsmoke E Cigs

We just wanted to shout out to a retailer that’s been a real partner for us in our adventure to revolutionize the tobacco products landscape. M&M Bagels has been kind enough to support Eonsmoke E Cigs and put our flavor stickers all over the counter. Eonsmoke e-cigarettes wanted to show store owners and new distributors how to decorate a counter with our branding material to show how great our electronic cigarettes are. This always skyrockets sales and leads to a highly profitable customer base.

We know distributing our products is not always an easy mission. Negotiating and taking space in a convenience store is sometimes a brutal ordeal but that’s why we invest heavily into marketing to differentiate Eonsmoke E-Cigs. You’ll be seeing alot more of this kind of counter activity going forward.┬áIf you have a prominent picture of a store or display, email it over to info@eonsmoke.com and we’ll post it upon approval.

Sam, you’re a celebrity! We appreciate the support and look forward to a long and healthy road together.

Eonsmoke Electronic Cigarettes E Cigs in Staten Island M&M Bagels