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Is Disposable Hookah or e-hookah the same as an Electronic Cigarette?

As Electronic Cigarettes grow more and more in popularity, they have been given all types of nick names… some of the recent names that have been used are Disposable hookah or E-hookah. This leaves most of the users that are new to electric cigarette network thinking, what is the difference? To solve the mystery, e-hookah or disposable hookah is just a different term for and e-cigarette or a disposable ecig in a hookah type flavor. Most Electronic hookah brands like imperial smoke usually carry a very low mg of nicotine.

Since the growth of popularity in hookah flavors, on December 15th 2012, Eonsmoke, LLC will be releasing its first hookah based flavor in our popular line of Rechargeable Electric Cigarettes. That flavor will be our Grape Mint and as usual we will have your selection of flavor cartridges in 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg! Also Stay Tuned into our 4 new disposable electronic cigarette hookah flavors in our famous Spirit Vapor brand.