Eonsmoke Electric Cigarettes Wishes Everyone a Happy New Year

2012 was a great year for electronic cigarettes and specifically for Eonsmoke. We could spend all day talking and recapping what last year was and did but we’ll spar you all that and only talk about the new year and what awesomeness it’ll bring.

Eonsmoke is currently hard at work behind the scenes working on our brand new disposable which we will know will be a powerhouse and dominate the retailer landscape. The management at Eonsmoke knows if we’re not ready to obsolete our best-seller; a competitor will not hesitate. It’s up to us to stay ahead of the curve and continue to innovate and introduce products that generations love. We will strive to improve our e cigarette products for so long as we breathe.

The company is also doing intensive research and development on various marketing material which will make Eonsmoke stand out against the other brands. We’re going to be introducing larger more upgraded signs to compete with big Tobacco nationally. We’re also working on counter top mats for our stores and scores of other items to brand Eonsmoke onto. We’re going to make sure that before you buy electronic cigarettes somewhere you know the name Eonsmoke.

Check out some of our cool store displays and looks and Happy New Year! If you’re a distributor and your accounts don’t look somewhat like this; then you’re still only beginning.

Eonsmoke Los Angeles Electronic Cigarettes Retailer Display

Eonsmoke E Cigarettes New York OTC Display

Electronic Cigarettes Wholesale by Eonsmoke. Build Your Own E-Cigarette Route Business

Eonsmoke wants you to join us and build your own route business. All you have to do is introduce our product to local groceries near you. That simple! Below are some details on how you can start building your own route business today with Eonsmoke E-cigs.

First you start buy making a purchase of our Eonsmoke Electric Cigarettes wholesale. With your investment we include free advertising for you and your stores. Car decals, Large window plastic signs, flyers, business cards, counter top stickers, window and door stickers and much much more. Once you have your product you can start by going to stores nearest to you, any mom and pop groceries or any store with a tobacco license. Once the store owner makes a purchase, this store becomes part of your route. Through our account protection policy, no one will be able to service the store but you. A successful distributor with a route of 50 or more stores can make up to 40,000$ in profit yearly. 50 stores can be attained in as little as 30 days! An average route is about 100-300 stores, which means big profits in your pocket!

Don’t take our word for it… call our wholesale line today 1 347 612 6938 …pick up your first order and watch your business grow!!

This is a retailer in Brooklyn Baba’s Deli 599 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11215 Visit him today!

Eonsmoke Products Compatible With V2 Cigs Electronic cigarettes

Many of our customers have been asking if we’re compatible with other brands and we just wanted to let you know that we in fact are. If you are a current customer of the V2 Cigs brand, you can easily purchase cartridges from Eonsmoke and screw them onto your V2 battery. Try our award winning brand today and any of our 14 flavors with more coming out soon! We’ll also let you know if you can use our stuff with any other major brands out there for ease of convenience and more options.

You can style any of our accessories to customize your very own battery design and flavor. We offer Mojito, Apple, Strawberry, and Cherry. Our electric cigarette brand is destined to outshine and taste better than the rest and we welcome you to try our flavors today if you’ve been vaping on V2 this entire time.


Eonsmoke, LLC designs, markets, and distributes electronic cigarettes & accessories. The company offers its products, e-cigarettes & accessories under the Eonsmoke, Spirit Vapor, and Miami Cigs brand names. Eonsmoke LLC sells its e-cigarettes and other products through distributors,wholesalers,and directly to consumers through its websites. The company is based in Garfield, New Jersey. Visit http://www.eonsmoke.com