Add Eonsmoke E-Cigarettes to Your Route! Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

Attention to everyone operating a route business looking to expand in support of our growing success in product distribution, Eonsmoke electric cigarettes is currently taking applications for prospective electronic cigarette distributors. Due to a growing national demand for an alternative to smoking, our expansion is exceeding our existing staff. The distribution is accomplished in large part through direct store delivery (DSD) service by over 500 independent distributors who own the rights to distribute our Eonsmoke e-cig brand products in their geographic territories (independent distributorships).

It is also now easier than ever to develop your own route, buy wholesale and build your own direct store delivery business. Email us at or call us 1 (800) 616 3711 extension 2  and let us show you how to make money in the electronic cigarette industry.

Eonsmoke E Cigarette Plastic Sign in Los Angeles

Eonsmoke Electronic Cigarettes Full Ingredients List

The team at Eonsmoke always makes the ingredients list public for anyone who asks what is inside our products. While we’ve been sending out our full ingredients lists to customers, suppliers, distributors, retailers, and stakeholders we wanted to make the list officially public through our Blog. Here are the ingredients flavor by flavor and we’ll keep adding as we introduce new flavors!

Eonsmoke Wrangler

Eonsmoke Vanilla

Eonsmoke Tobacco

Eonsmoke Strawberry

Eonsmoke Sands

Eonsmoke President

Eonsmoke Mojito

Eonsmoke Mint

Eonsmoke Menthol

Eonsmoke Mango

Eonsmoke Grape Mint

Eonsmoke Coffee

Eonsmoke Cherry

Eonsmoke Chocolate

Eonsmoke Apple