Add Eonsmoke E-Cigarettes to Your Route! Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

Attention to everyone operating a route business looking to expand in support of our growing success in product distribution, Eonsmoke electric cigarettes is currently taking applications for prospective electronic cigarette distributors. Due to a growing national demand for an alternative to smoking, our expansion is exceeding our existing staff. The distribution is accomplished in large part through direct store delivery (DSD) service by over 500 independent distributors who own the rights to distribute our Eonsmoke e-cig brand products in their geographic territories (independent distributorships).

It is also now easier than ever to develop your own route, buy wholesale and build your own direct store delivery business. Email us at or call us 1 (800) 616 3711 extension 2  and let us show you how to make money in the electronic cigarette industry.

Eonsmoke E Cigarette Plastic Sign in Los Angeles

A Day in the Life of an Eonsmoke Electronic Cigarette Distributor

Welcome to the beginning of the journey for the Eonsmoke e cigarette distributor. Usually the quest begins with a personal vehicle or even a friend’s. Clients are tough to find and sometimes the market is already heavy with Eonsmoke products; but that doesn’t deter the dreamer.

You start by walking in your first store. You see cigarettes and no Eonsmoke; you know the owner needs to carry the product. Fearful or not, you begin the demonstration until the nervousness subsides. Twenty minutes later you’re dressing the store with corrugated plastics adorned in Eonsmoke E Cig Logos.

The independent prowess of our distributors have led Eonsmoke to the kinds of advancements we have seen over the past few years. The entrepreneurial spirit of our team is what keeps us together and bound to our goal of revolutionizing the tobacco industry. From a power marketing strategy to a new flavor the brand stands committed to sharing in the glory and wealth of all that we have to transform by introducing Eonsmoke to every convenience store on planet earth. 

If you’re one of the worthy, you graduate to a fully armored and stocked Eonsmoke truck. Reserved for the elite; this beast allows for reliability and the highest grade service you’ll see out of an electronic cigarette distributor. Certainly a brand worthy of the number one position within the e cigarette industry; Eonsmoke will continue to grow until it’s titled a household name.

This part of the story cannot be scribbled onto paper. It can only be felt and experienced. The lucky few who seemed to be joined at the hip by a silly orange and white logo know what they work for. They know enduring forward allows them to grow and evolve. To the point where history can be made; molded instead of the simple pursuit of pleasure.

The growth is self explanatory. The decision we will leave up to you. Enjoy.


Eonsmoke Team

About Eonsmoke, LLC.

Eonsmoke, LLC designs, markets, and distributes electronic cigarettes & accessories.  The company’s electric cigarettes are electronic devices that vaporize a liquid solution. The company offers its products, e-cigarettes & accessories under the Eonsmoke, Spirit Vapor, and Miami Cigs brand names. Eonsmoke LLC sells its e-cigarettes and other products through distributors and wholesalers, as well as directly to consumers through its Websites. The company is based in Garfield, New Jersey.