Eonsmoke Electronic Cigarettes TV Commercial and Corporate Demo

Check out the new Eonsmoke Corporate Demo produced by In Focus with Martin Sheen.

Pleasure working with you guys! Click the link below to view the video on Youtube

Electronic Cigarettes Corporate Demo

And now check out our brand new 1 minute TV commercial airing in September nationally. Eonsmoke is coming to a local store near you!

Electronic Cigarettes by Eonsmoke TV Commercial

Eonsmoke Featured in Fox Business Money with Melissa Francis

electronic cigarette sales surpass traditional cigarettes

Eonsmoke and Fox Business

Check us out today as Money with Melissa Francis discusses the explosive growth and potential of electronic cigarettes in the marketplace today. Our brand Eonsmoke is displayed on the table along with other leading names. Bonnie Herzog, a well known tobacco analyst is predicting e-cigarettes will overtake cigarettes in sales within a decade! That’ll simply mean a brave new world.

Watch the video above and see what Eonsmoke and electronic cigarettes are doing day-to-day. Thank you Fox Business and Melissa Francis!

Is It Normal Poll about the Best E Cig Brand in New York City

We stumbled upon this poll that we didn’t even realize we won! Check out and vote¬†below for the best electronic cigarette brand in New York City! Eonsmoke certainly¬†appreciates the title since we have strong relationships with many of the retailers in the wonderful state of New York.

We appreciate the spirit of competition with Blu Cigs and Logic E Cigs and hats out to them to helping establish a thriving american electronic cigarette industry. We’re honored to compete and sometimes even win best electronic cigarette brand awards.