Disposable Electric Cigarettes versus (VS) Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes. What’s Better?

This is a very interesting and constant debate within the electronic cigarette industry. On the one hand you have the disposable e cigarettes which you purchase usually from your local stores or sometimes online, smoke it, and then throw them away after use. On the other you have the rechargeable electronic cigarette brands which allow you to reuse the same battery and screw on different cartridges.

As you all know Eonsmoke is a rechargeable electric cigarette brand which has grown from a small garage trademark into a powerful household name in over 10 states. The rechargeable aspect of our brand allows for an ecosystem of activity for the consumer. You can change batteries to your color preference; try one of our 15 color coded flavors, or decide whether you want an automatic or manual battery. Our success is due to our ever expansion of what we call our Eonsmoke ecosystem.

We have been nudged and asked to enter the disposable segment of the tobacco business and have shied away from it. We understand, however, to become a market leader we must become a complete e cigarette brand. This certainly means an Eonsmoke disposable and perhaps even several variations of them. The beauty of Eonsmoke smokess cigarettes will soon be it’s options and the vastness of them.

The answer is simply whatever a person prefers. The greatness of our society is that we have the availability of choice. We know that we have to enter and dominate both segments of this industry.