Eonsmoke Electronic Cigarette Simple to Use 2 Part Design
  • Eonsmoke uses a simple yet elegant two part design when it comes to all of our electronic cigarette functions.

  • The simplicity is key when using an electronic cigarette because with a two part layout, all you need to do as the consumer is simply unscrew the disposable atomizer and screw in a new one to appreciate the full flavor of an eonsmoke flavored cartridge and electronic cigarette.

  • Our two part design,  is very simply to use.

  • You will never feel the nicotine solution on your hands or clothing because you screw the cartridge inside the battery and are ready to begin pulling on the Eonsmoke electronic cigarette.

  • The cartridges are made of solid materials instead of shoddy plastic as in the 3 part design.

  • We highly recommend a two part design over a three or four part due to functionality, expensive materials, and simply higher quality.

  • Purchase an Eonsmoke electronic cigarette starter set today and begin experiencing the new premium alternative to smoking!

  • Most other companies use a three or four part electronic cigarette, below we explain why the three part design is an inferior product to ours.





Other Brands 3 Messy 3 Part design3
  • The three part design contains much cheaper materials than the two part function. This is almost the case in every single 3 part e-cigarette.

  • The extra piece is the atomizer which is the heating element and as you change cartridges, you are constantly expected to touch and feel the inside of the electronic cigarette and atomizer. This means that many times you will feel the nicotine solution on your hands and clothing which needless to say is disgusting and unattractive.

  • These mechanics are enough for most users to simply throw away the electronic cigarette without testing it further.

  • When using a 3 part design, you will be required to pierce the new cartridge to allow the nicotine solution to enter the battery part of the e cig. This often leads to the nicotine solution dripping all over your electronic cigarette or e-cigarette. Needless to say; this is a terrible aspect of the 3 part design and through careful testing, we realized that the functionality of a 3 part design is flawed greatly.

  • They are not easy to use, cheaply made, and often break down.


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