Katherine Heigl has kicked her addiction to nicotine thanks to her little electronic cigarette.

The Life As We Know It star, struggled to quit smoking until she found this high tech solution. “Now I use an electronic cigarette. I know it’s ridiculous, but it’s helping me not to actually smoke real cigarettes."







Leonardo DiCaprio indulges in a short e-cigarette break while out with some pals in New York City on Friday (March 6).


The 34-year-old actor was seen biking through Manhattan’s East Village with his fellow helmet-wearing actor pals — Lukas HaasTobey Maguire and Kevin Dillon.


On Sunday (March 8), Leo was seen puffing away at another e-cigarette while grabbing Chinese food


with some friends in Los Angeles. He was wearing his favorite FAU cap and has said about it, “I have no idea [why I wear it] but I love baseball caps! This is the real reason I wear ’em: I just like the design and the pattern. People come up to me and say, ‘You went to FAU!’ Wait—this is Florida Atlantic University.”


UPDATE: Maybe Leo quit smoking after all! After looking at the photos more closely, Leo is smoking an e-cigarette. According to Wiki, an e-cigarette is “a battery-powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine while no tobacco, smoke, or combustion is actually involved in its operation.”








premium kit


Electronic cigarettes seem to be making more headlines than ever before these days. The e-cigarette craze is really starting to become even more evident in the United States, where more smokers can be seen using e-cigarettes in public areas where the smoking ban is now in effect, especially in bars, nightclubs and restaurants. Electronic cigarettes are starting to become more popular with the Hollywood crowd too.


You may not even notice that a celebrity is puffing an e-cig instead of smoking a tobacco cigarette. Most people can’t tell the difference when they see someone puffing an e-cigarette from a distance. However, there have been several celebrities that have been seen out in public with their e-cigarette of choice. For example, famous celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Federline, Danny Bonaduce, Johnny Depp, Entourage’s Kevin Connolly, famous musician Tom Petty and American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest and former baseball star Jose Conseco have all been seen using an e-cigarette.








Johnny Depp Puffs on Electronic Cigarette in “The Tourist”


I had a chance to get out to the movies last night and I was quite surprised to see that one of the most successful actors of my time was puffing on an electronic cigarette in the movie.  I won’t give away details of the movie, in order not to spoil it for the people who have not seen it, but it’s a pretty good movie in a season where the movie line-up is sub-par in my opinion.

"The Tourist." Johnny Depp Smokes an Electronic Cigarette

The Tourist takes place for the most part in Italy, and it’s a case of mistaken identity.  Angelina Jolie is the main character and she goes to Italy on a mission – I’ll leave it at that.  During the movie, Johnny Depp, whose movie character name is “Frank Tupelo” puffs on an electronic cigarette.  It first starts on a scene during a long train ride, and when Jolie, whose character, Elise, sits down, Frank Tupelo says “Does this bother you?”  “It’s electronic.  LED.”  Something along those lines, don’t quote me word for word.







Electronic Cigarette Sales On Fire As Kate Moss Seen With E-cig Dangling


As last year’s infamous photo of Kate Moss with an e-cig casually dangling from her pursed lips emerged, electronic cigarette sales have continued to skyrocket as smokers scoop up trial offers on the internet.


Popularity of the electric cigarette phenomenon among Hollywood elites has caused a prolonged popularity among their followers worldwide, according to inside sources.


Some manufacturers are riding the wave by offering free and low cost trials of the electric cigarettes in order to get them in the hands of as many smokers as possible this year.


Consumers wanting to give electronic cigarettes a try for themselves are encouraged to visit to experience a premium brand of electric cigarettes.







In recent news, Kate Moss was caught smoking while she was walking on the runway of a Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris. Smoking tobacco cigarettes in public has been banned in Paris for some time now but Moss didn’t consider her actions. We all know that Kate Moss has had issues with smoking for some time now but seems that quitting may not be an option in her future. Many celebrities like Moss are facing the same issues of trying to quit smoking but can’t seem to bury the hatchet because the nicotine cravings are too overwhelming. With the public smoking bans in full force, celebrities are looking for alternative ways to smoke without getting fined for their actions.





Lindsay Lohan


This troubled starlet has a bit of a reputation for not making the healthiest choices. But Lohan, a long-term smoker, has been seen around and about in Los Angeles puffing on an e-cigarette of an indeterminate brand.


Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed


These two Twilight stars are also rumored to have used e-cigarettes in public. Considering the popularity of vampire dramas with teens and tweens, it’s a good move professionally and personally for Greene and Reed to choose e-smoking in public or close paparazzi range.






Kevin Federline

Mostly known for his stint as Mr. Britney Spears, dad of two Kevin Federline is a known user of e-cigarettes. The devices are especially popular amongst parents who don’t wish to constantly smoke outside but also want to keep their homes smoke-free.










Kate Moss


This supermodel is no stranger to the perils of getting caught doing scandalous things on camera. So it’s no surprise Kate Moss has been snapped using an e-cigarette while out and about.

This list is far from complete- the number of former smokers embracing the option to use e-cigarettes increases all the time, and many celebrities may conceal usage of the device for fear that press and fans could assume they’re actually smoking real cigarettes. (The story about Leonardo DiCaprio, for instance, was originally reported as the actor smoking old-fashioned tobacco cigarettes in public.) Have you seen any celebrities using your favorite brand of e-cigarette?


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