NEW EonSmoke Economy Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

NEW EonSmoke Economy Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

NEW Eonsmoke Economy Kit :

Now with long batteries only. 


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The Eonsmoke Economy Kit offers:

* One Rechargeable Lithium Ion Long Battery (chosen at our discretion) 

* 2 Flavored cartridges (Pick a flavor from the drop down menu)

* USB charger

The Economy Kit is our introductory package designed to give the consumer exactly what they will need to experience Eonsmoke’s electronic two-piece cigarette. The economy kit includes two cartridges, equivalent to two packs of cigarettes, one rechargeable lithium ion battery, and a USB power supply adapter. The economy kit comes in four distinct flavors that are guaranteed to beat the competition. 
Electronic cigarettes just became more affordable. Thanks to the new Eonsmoke Economy Kit, you no longer have to burn a hole in your wallet to try e-cigs for yourself! If you’ve tried other manufacturers electronic cigarettes and felt unsatisfied, Eonsmoke’s encourages to try our less expensive, more efficient, and better tasting electronic cigs. You have nothing to lose but your bad habit. Face it, traditional smoking is no longer acceptable in most public places, but the e-cigarette can help you manage your nicotine craving and for far less money.

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Weight 5 oz
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